2012-The Real Year of Change in 6 Points

No matter who you are or what you believe in, you cannot deny the importance of this year. The Mayans are rumored to know the end of the world as we know it and religious profits are predicting the end of the world…but what if this is just the end of living below our potential?

So many of us are focused on what other people have, what other people are doing and what means we can utilize to put them down…maybe we are simply focused on the wrong things. Maybe we need to realize the following points:

  1. The only thing we have in common when we think, is the fact that we think: You know the saying “common sense ain’t so common” speaks volumes. Just because people do the same things you do, does not mean they do it the same way or your way is any “better”. The moment you think you are looking down on someone, you don’t notice the sneak attack happening.
  2. Beware who you intentionally make an enemy, you never know how far they are willing to go to protect what they have: Say you ignore the first point you should follow in the year, be sure you know WHO you are dealing with. Yes, there will always be someone you feel crossed some imagined invisible line or someone who “took” what you thought was yours or someone you simply do not like…but If you ignore the fact they too have experiences tha