Back When I Worked Retail




I started a series ages ago about the things I encountered working at various companies, however I did not continue the stories.
Well, here is another one for the books.

I worked for a very popular retail store and they catered to all women and children. Unfortunately the locations picked were all in up and coming areas that never came up.

My shift often required I open the store on Friday and close it on Saturday, however there was another manager there who needed Friday night off so I switched with her.

This manager did not like the people in the area, and it showed in how she ran her shift. Often times things would come up missing in the store after she worked and I knew it wasn’t because she was stealing.

So, the Friday I worked for her a large group of people can in 2 hours before closing, they also had a stroller with them.

The sales associate I had working with me and I had to handle regular customers and it was obvious the group that entered wasn’t use to two people being in the store at the same time.

As we cleared the store out of the customers not part of the group, the group grabbed clothes and rushed out the store. I called police from the doorway and the group started running across a busy 4 lane, 2 way street. At one point they left the baby stroller and the baby in it in the middle of the street and ran into the projects.

My sales associate often worked Friday nights and explained to me the other manager would spend her shift sitting the back room and leave her at to man the front.They had scoped out our schedules and came back when they thought the other manager would be there and they could make a quick escape.

Unfortunately they also have  achild to raise and felt the clothes they stole was worth more than the life of the child they brought along. At that point I made it my goal to get out of retail…and I haven’t looked back.

What experiences shaped your career decisions?

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Originally posted. July 8, 2013