Getting Back On Track


Having a baby is an event with a mixed bag of emotions. Joy, pain, exhaustion, accomplishment and failure are all normal emotions to have; however if the negative emotions last too long you run the risk of falling down a black hole..often leading to post-pardum depression.

As a mother of a newborn, you hardly have time to eat, sleep or take a luxurious 5 minute shower.

I am going to give you a piece of advice, text your friends!

Hopefully you have a network of mothers in your phone willing to chat with you or even come visit (probably bearing food). Here are a few online tips for you.

  1. Use social media! – Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are all resources we did not have with my first son, with my second son I am so happy to find other mothers like me doing the same things I am doing.
  2. Do NOT keep how you feel boxed in- being a new mother is hard…being a new single mother is almost impossible. There are mothers out here who have been where you are and going through what you are. Reach out!
  3. Get help- depression is a serious thing, if you find yourself down for longer than 7 days, make an appointment to see a specialist.
  4. Workout ASAP- My little guy is 9 months as of this posting and I am a month in to getting back in the swing of things. A C-Section is NOT easier to recover from for everyone. My oldest son is 12, I had him through regular delivery and he was 9 pounds. My youngest son was 8.5 pounds and I had a C-Section. I had the mental battle of feeling like a failure due to my inability to have him the regular way as well as a lack of milk coming in. I also never had surgery before and my body did not take kindly to being cut open, I am not heavy on medication so my body also did not like the pain meds I had to take. It gets better and once it does..GET UP..GET OUT…WORK OUT!!
  5. Purchase some shakes- I am 9 months in and I still have issues with eating regular meals! Buy Ensure shakes or if you want to get fit as you recover join the challenge. I picked these two brands because I have used them and they taste great.

Hang in there new mom, it gets better…I promise!

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Originally posted. August 19, 2013