Getting Back To Normal


I had my second child 8 months ago and I have found the second time around is harder to bounce back from, especially when you have stressful situations in your life.
This pregnancy was different from the first, but the largest change was my increase in age. I took a 12 year break between children and that factor alone changed my delivery and my recovery.
My first child weighed 9.09 pounds at birth and I had a normal delivery. My second weighed 8.5 pounds and I had a c-section. I have never had any type of surgery prior to that so my body wasn’t exactly happy with the procedure.
With my first child I ended up losing too much weight and fell down to a size double zero. This time around I had the complete opposite reaction.
My goal is not to slim down to having absolutely no shape, I have always had curves and embrace them. My goal is to get my abs and arms back as well as increase the amount of energy I have.
You see when I was below a size 2 I was always sick. I found I had less health issues when I was a size 4 and I would like to get to a size 4 or right above it.
If you are also looking for a way to change your body, join me!

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Originally posted. July 27, 2013