Keeping Your Hair and Skin Safe During a Sickness

Recently many people (including myself) fell victim to an upper respiratory infection.
No matter what the sickness is; you will not have the energy to take care of yourself let alone your hair and skin.
Many of us tend to try to look at the bright side of being sick…sadly along with that weight loss we tend to loose the health of your hair and skin.
We often try to rush the recovery process by over dosing on vitamins and taking antibiotics; sadly doing so can cause issues with your hair and skin.


If you are prescribed antibiotics; ask you doctor if you can take Vitamin B supplements while taking them. As long as you not taking anything else which could cause health concerns this could help with any adverse actions against your skin and hair.


If you are taking aspirin to dull pain or a fever;  you should make sure you are eating as many green leafy vegetables as possible.

Vitamins C & A

“Take your vitamins” is often the advice given once you start sneezing; while this is great advice in general you CAN take too much of your vitamins. Instead of overdosing; cut down. Too much of these two vitamins can knock

As always you need to get as much rest, water and rest (yes we know this was repeated) as possble.

A few items to keep on hand:

  • hair pins
  • satin hair scarf
  • dry/spray shampoo
  • spray bottle with water and your favorite hair nutrients (mainly during the summer)


The same way you have to take care of yourself to get healthy ; you have to do the same to keep healthy.

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Originally posted. January 27, 2016