Moving for a better tomorrow

No matter where you come from, parents are always trying to make a better life for their children. The plan is never laid out that simple but in the end they have the best intensions of giving their children a better life than what they had. I am no different. I am currently on a search for the following classroom for my autistic son. Small class size, use of manipulatives, educated teachers, and accessible computers. You would think that I was asking for the world with a laundry list this small, but surprinsgly, my current school district can’t offer any of these things. How narrow is our view of special education if we really do believe in No Child Left Behind? If lawmakers believe that all children can be in a class of 30+ kids, one teacher and everybody can learn the same way, then they are more ignorant than I gave them credit for.

Every school structure is not meant for everybody and we don’t just throw people to the way side when we deem them different. We should have more choices in school structure than what public schools have to offer right now. The entire system doesn’t seem to work for its customers (the children). It’s built up into this bureacratic structure, emphasized on union and teacher pay rather than rate of learning for the students. Our country seems to be falling behind in all academic areas and it appears that the only thing we are good for is producing stellar basketball and football players which has nothing to do with our intelligence. Our jobs our moving over seas, our kids can’t get a decent break on learning in the classroom which will only lead to unemployment or poor working class in the near future. Narrow headed dictators should not be put in charge of our children’s future, the parents should. We should hold ourselves to a different standard and advocate for a better education system. People are getting locked up for sending their children to a better out of neighborhood school and instead of addressing the reason why they are doing this, we would rather throw people in jail. We hit first, and ask questions later. What we should do is find out what the better school districts are doing and replicate it across the board. As easy as that sounds, it’s too political to even try to do these things. People still want to get paid for doing half-ass work and Unions still want control even though their customers are looking more and more remedial than other countries. I’m all for start up business, but should we put businesses in charge of our education or should parents step up to let government know that we are failing our children because of our narrow views on education. Is their a union of parents that can get together, protest our failing schools, and have the national news stop by to ask us what we need our tax dollars to do for the future of our children? But since there is little to no money involved, that probably won’t ever happen.

Being the voice of one, I choose to move to a better place in order to give my children the education that they need. I choose to use my voice to speak out about the injustices for a better tomorrow and I encourage more to do that same. Maybe if society sees that there is more to be had than just herding our children for 7 hours a day and actually trying to teach them skills that they can use they will see the benefit to educating all children, not just the majority. Having choices in public education should be our right and we shouldn’t have to rely on lotteries or waiting list just to give our children hope for their future.

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Originally posted. October 3, 2011