My Issue With Empire

So far the show empire has succeeded in getting me interested in the story; however my issue is this:

The main character Lucios Lyons has an issue with his gay son.

Mind you , the character is played by Terence Howard rocking a relaxer most of the time while having a hard time convincing us of his “gangster” in spite of cold-heartedly shooting his friend in the face with gun that could fit in your “special space” if you are a female.

I could point out the irony in the father rocking a relaxer having an issue with a gay son; but I will not.

Actually, I think I  just did.

I will go ahead and point out how his “survival efforts” place him in the realm of being a “female” (in the negative typical aspect).

  • He met his friend who (watched out for him) and shot him in the face; while acting as if he knew nothing about the situation.
  • He turned on his true ride or die chick who had his kids.
  • He used the money his ride or die chick made and went to jail for to create his empire.
  • He snubbed his wife’s sacrifice by divorcing her and using her money while cutting her out and making sue she had no place when she came home.
  • He killed her closest cousin

So, although tonight the main character stated he did not raise a “female”;  he certainly proved he was one himself.

The single mother on the show appears to have a number of forces fighting against how she wanted her children to turn out. Sadly the father of her children is the largest force against her.


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Originally posted. February 23, 2015