My New Years Wish For You – 2016 Edition

As the final hours tick down on 2015; many of us are focused on the change the new year will bring. I hate to piss in your champagne; but the new year will bring you nothing. Those of you posting about all the good the next year will bring will fall in the same pit each year. The only thing the changing of the year will bring you is a new year to write when you are writing the date out.

You have to get out of the mindset of needing a new year to do anything new. 

If you need an excuse to make a change in your life; you will find an excuse to fail in making that change.

Change is hard. Leaving a bad relationship is hard. Leaving a job is hard. Moving is hard.

If you need a reason to make the hard changes; failure will become comfortable and you will simply wait to try again later..

Successful people focus on what needs to take place and make it happen to move forward. 

You have to view your goals as a relationship. If the person you are with always needs a reason to be faithful or make a real commitment to you; you will think that person is not serious. If you take the same approach in viewing the things you want to do you will see wishing for something better to happen versus making something better happen are two different things. Those who have; went out and made it happen.


So tonight; go out and celebrate adding another year under your belt; unless you are still in the same place you were one year ago…in that case stay home and write out your plans to move forward. 

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Originally posted. January 1, 2016