My Two Month Update- Part 1

Well, its two months into welcoming my new bundle of joy home. Although this is not my first time being a mom, I must admit this feels foreign! Things changed in the little over a decade since I became a mother of a bouncing 9 pound boy. I really don’t have much time, so I will make this post short and sweet. I am going to tell everyone the current life savers I am using to stay sane!

This item makes bath time so much easier! I am also blessed to have a very calm child…this tub is great for newborns because it can hold the baby up for you, leaving your hands free! Here is a video review…not mine (because I simply do not have the time to do video at this point).

Next up we have..

I will admit I broke the rules and the baby shares the bed with us…BUT when I am not sleep I put the bundle of joy in this co-sleeper. You can adjust the height with attachments and it is the perfect size to place the tub in. (I know, I know…but the baby is still under 10 pounds and with my c section area still feeling uncomfortable I need something that is high enough for me to properly wash the baby without hurting myself).
This next item is a life saver:

We actually have two of these, during the final trimester of my pregnancy I simply could not sleep laying down. This rocker assisted in me getting more rest before the baby and after the baby helped with feedings.
That is all the time I have to post right now, more to come later…duty calls.

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Originally posted. January 9, 2013