Pampers Tote Versus Huggies Tote
Aww yes, my second time around of having a baby. If you have only had one child, you have no idea why this is such a big deal, but if you have two of them you know what I am about to say..
This second time around I was going to be prepared and have absolutely NO reason to leave out of the house as I recover. During my “prep” period I made sure I had enough..well..everything to last us awhile.
Buying diapers was the first thing on my list. I had no idea what size to get or what brand. I did know our child would have very sensitive skin…be really fair skinned…and have a lot of hair. I was right on all accounts.
But the size was the question. Although both the father and I are both relatively small people, I knew the baby would turn out big…how big was the question.
So, during my buying frenzy (I set aside a certain amount of my income to buy things I did not put on my registry). I came across these totes. The Pampers tote had a bunch of goodies including a free Shutterfly book, along with a pack of Newborn sized and 1 sized diapers.
Huggies tote came with the same items minus the Shutterfly book however the diapers inside were sized 3 (one regular pack and one overnight pack).
The baby came out a healthy 8.5 pounds, so newborn was not a good size for him and he only stayed in 1’s for a few weeks. I loved the quality of the diapers. The Pampers diapers did not feel cheap and only leaked when it was time for him to go up a size. The baby recently graduated up to size three and I had the chance to try Huggies. I did not like the feel of the diapers, the leaked, and left an odor. I never made it through the pack, the Huggies diapers were given away to Goodwill.
So, Pampers vs Huggies…Pampers win hands down.
In a few weeks I will try out Luvs..

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Originally posted. March 23, 2013