Single Mother Finds 5 Year Old In Weeded Area Near Her House

A single mother woke up to the shock of her life this week. 

A mother of two (ages 9 and 5) woke up and found her youngest child missing; only to have a neighbor discover the child badly beaten.

The mother is in a tight spot now.

Now, the single mom, who works as a leasing agent, is trying to come up with enough money to move her family out of the rough-and-tumble North Philadelphia neighborhood where this happened. She knows that when her daughter is released from the hospital, she won’t be able to take her back to the house where something so horrific happened to her.“I don’t have the resources to readily up and move, which I’m going to have to, because she’s going to be traumatized,” Hopkins said. “I don’t know what to do.”

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 I will update this post should a “Go Fund Me” account is set up. 

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Originally posted. August 1, 2015