To All My Mothers With Children Entering High School

As I spend the holiday gathering everything my oldest son needs I realize his high school experience will be totally different than mine was.

At his age I had already spend years maneuvering the public transportation system in my city; he will have a bus taking him almost an hour away.

At his age I attended a mentally gifted middle school and went into a performing arts high school; he is going from a small loving school for childen who learns differently to a new high school trying to serve the same population.

I am a woman, he is growing into a man.

I am worried. I worry about the decision I made to place him in the school he is attending. I am worried about his commute. I am worried about the life he will have after high school.

I am worried about him driving and how he will react when he is pulled over (he processes stressful situations and verbal commands differently).

I am worried about how he will handle romantic feelings. I am worried about creating a great man to present to a mate.

Most of all, I worry I haven’t done enough.

I write this to let other single mothers know…it will never be enough.

You can be the perfect parent; but every great parent will never feel it is enough. 

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Originally posted. September 5, 2016