Trump: The True American View

While this post is about President Donald Trump; I actually forgot I installed a plug-in to prevent me from viewing his pictures on my computer. So, I am going to share my little guy’s art project.

Anyway, back to ‘merica.

I have seen so may people say he is not their president. The same was said about President Obama. The difference is so many people decided to go with someone they could identify with rather than someone who would work in the interest of the common man. The sheer force of elitism versus average intelligence is exactly what placed us here. While many people are saying he is not their President…he actually is.

That is why his lies and comical tweets have not caused his supporters to jump ship.

That is why the “alternative truth” is accepted as a term.

Face it…this is the true face of America and we have been wearing a mask this entire time.

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Originally posted. February 6, 2017